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The Daily Buzz: November 3, 2014

People over sixty drink twice as often as teens, study finds; doctors call for calorie counts on booze; and an Australian man is charged for driving his airplane to the pub.

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Study: People Over Sixty Drink Twice as Often as Teens
Retirees are hitting the bottle more frequently than millennials, according to a recent UK survey. The survey finds that 15% of people over the age of 60 drink every night of the week, compared to only one percent of 16-30 year olds. The older folks drank on average 2-3 times a week, compared to the younger folks, who said they drink only once or twice a month, and one in four said they never drink. Were mom and dad watching while they took these polls?

More than you wanted to know. Photo via

More than you wanted to know. Photo via

Mexican Border Town Residents Flee Drug War Violence
The population of the small Mexican town Guadalupe Distrito Bravo is dwindling as most of its inhabitants have fled the violence from the years-long drug war. The population is estimated to have plummeted from 17,000 in 2008 to an estimated 2,500. Many residents have fled to cities in Texas including Fabens, directly across the border, and El Paso.

Doctors Call for Calorie Counts on Booze
A British nonprofit organization has called for alcoholic beverages to be labeled with nutritional facts, claiming unknown booze calories are contributing to obesity and heart disease. The knowledge that a large glass of wine contains the same calorie count as a donut (about 200), could be a buzzkill for those watching their waistlines.

Halloween Pot Candy Fears Were Unfounded
All the pre-Halloween panic that pot edibles would end up in kids’ candy bags this year turned out to be in vain: there have been no reported cases of trick-or-treaters getting accidentally high in Colorado, or in any state. Presumably, more than one inebriated adult zombie was treated in emergency rooms around the country.

Australian Man Drives His Plane to the Bar for a Drink
A 37-year-old man has been charged with endangerment after he taxied his plane through a small town in Australia to get to the local pub. Police were not impressed with the man’s restraint in choosing not to fly there, which would have been even more epic.