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The Daily Buzz: November 4, 2014

Today, voters in Alaska, Oregon, Florida and DC could legalize marijuana; even moderate drinking could boost risk of dementia; and a major Wall Street investment bank is in the midst of a sex and drugs scandal.

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Rock the Vote! Marijuana on the Ballot in Florida, Alaska, Oregon and DC
It’s election day! If you’re pro-pot, keep an especially close eye on the polls today. Voters in Oregon and Alaska will be determining if their states follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington and make marijuana legal for recreational use. DC could legalize small-scale possession and growing, and Florida is voting on medicinal marijuana. According to recent polls, voters sway slightly in favor of legalization in Oregon and DC, whereas Florida and Alaska are tossups.

Federal Tax Regulations Threaten Legal Marijuana Businesses
All is not smooth sailing, even in the states that have already legalized marijuana. Since marijuana is illegal on the federal level, the IRS charges nearly twice as much in taxes to legal pot businesses in Washington and Colorado, threatening their ability to turn a profit.

Even Moderate Drinking Can Boost Dementia Risk, Says Study
Another day, another alcohol study: this one sheds a not-so-favorable light on your nightly “few” glasses of wine. A new study tracked the health of women in their mid-60s over 20 years, and found that moderate alcohol use—as well as bingeing and heavy drinking—were associated with an increased risk of dementia.

Online Market for “Smart Drugs” Is Booming
The use of drugs meant to enhance your cognitive functions—like Ritalin, modafinil and beta-blockers—is on the rise, according to various studies from the UK. Up to a third of these prescriptions, which people take to enhance their performance at work and school, are purchased online.

Wall Street Firm Drug Tests Entire Staff Amidst Sex and Drugs Scandal
How very Wolf of Wall Street: Sage Kelly, a managing director at the major investment bank Jefferies & Company,  has been accused of habitually using cocaine and other drugs with other executives and bankers at the firm, and forcing his wife into sex with a potential client. In the wake of the Hollywood-esque scandal, the firm announced that their entire staff had taken—and passed—drug tests.