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The Daily Buzz: November 6, 2014

UK court case could make drinking while pregnant a crime; new antibodies could prevent relapse in meth addicts; and Jay-Z buys a stake in Big Champagne.

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Could Drinking While Pregnant Be Criminalized in the UK?
A council in England is suing a woman whose six-year-old daughter has “growth retardation” believed to be caused by her mother’s alcohol consumption while pregnant. Women’s charities have warned that if the court finds the woman guilty of a crime, the case could pave the way to criminalizing drinking while pregnant. “We should take very seriously any legal developments which call into question pregnant women’s fundamental right to bodily autonomy and right to make their own decisions,” said the head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Arkansas Votes to Keep “Patchwork Prohibition” on Alcohol
While planning your next vacation to Arkansas, you may have to BYOB, because it’s illegal to buy alcohol in half the counties in the state. And that won’t be changing anytime soon. In Tuesday’s midterms, 57% of voters said no to an amendment to allow for statewide alcohol sales.

Teacher Rejected from South Korean Job Due to “Alcoholism Nature” of the Irish
Katie Mulrennan, who is Irish, applied for a teaching job in Seoul and received this reply: “I am sorry to inform you that my client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism nature of your kind.” After posting the offensive email online, it went viral, inspiring many commenters to chip in with productive counterpoints like “Korea is the Ireland of Asia.”

New Gene Therapy Could Help Meth Addicts Quit
Meth is a notoriously tough drug to kick. Though there are several medications that help blunt a meth cravings, the relapse rate is high. A new experimental therapy would deliver genes into a person’s cells, causing the body to producing meth antibodies that could block the meth-induced high.

Beyoncé’s Husband Buys into the Booze Business
Extending his celebrity brand in true rapper fashion, Jay Z is the latest rich and famous person to hop on board the highly profitable booze business, buying a stake in Armand de Brignac champagne. The bottles sell at $300 a pop, so most of us will get to enjoy watching other people—most likely merry couples like Jay Z and Beyonce—drink it on TV!