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The Daily Buzz: October 15, 2014

Boozing sends 10 million people a year to the hospital in England; man treated for Internet addiction caused by Google Glass; and a drunk dressed as Zombie Santa ruins Christmas already.

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England’s Boozing Fuels Nearly 10 Million Hospital Admissions a Year
Alcohol consumption in England is rising, according to the country’s National Health Service, with one in five people now regularly consuming above the recommended amount. According to new data, 9.6 million people in the country are now drinking “worrying” amounts each week, with 2.4 million classified as “high risk.”

Could ADHD Medication Help Meth Addicts Quit?
Australian researchers are testing Lisdexamfetamine—a medication commonly used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder in kids—as potential treatment for methamphetamine addiction. Says a lead researcher: ”if it works, it might help those symptoms of withdrawal that trigger a desire to use methamphetamine.”

Man Treated for Internet Addiction Caused by Google Glass
Turns out the worst side-effect of smartphone glasses may not be the public ridicule. A 31-year-old service member checked into treatment for alcoholism when he exhibited withdrawal symptoms from his wearable smartphone device, including dreaming of wearing it, and involuntarily tapping his finger to his temple (to activate the device). This is the first known case of “Internet addiction disorder” linked to Google Glass.

Anaheim Cuts Power and Water to Shut Down Pot Shops
Officials in Anaheim, California, where pot dispensaries are banned, have cut off water and power to the illegal businesses to force them to shut down. Medical marijuana is legal in the state of California, but certain cities have been permitted to ban its sale. This hasn’t stopped many of these businesses from staying open—but losing their power probably will.

Drunk Santa Zombie Enters Home, Scares Teenager
A 21-year-old student participating in a “Zombie Pub Crawl” (with a Santa outfit for full effect) ended up drunkenly breaking into a home and terrifying a teenage resident, causing her to lock herself in the bathroom. Zombie Santa then fell asleep and was transported to a detox center by police. The teen’s father said that no one in his family “will ever think of Santa the same way.” And, now, neither will you.