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The Daily Buzz: October 17, 2014

Joe Biden's son was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use; pro-pot advocates fear Hillary Clinton will abandon their cause; and 200 years ago today, a 15-foot, deadly tidal wave of beer hit London.

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Joe Biden’s Son Was Kicked Out of the Navy for Cocaine
The Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, was reportedly discharged from the Navy Reserve earlier this year after he tested positive for cocaine. Apparently the dismissal was kept private at first “because he was treated like any other sailor who fails a drug test and is thrown out of the Navy.” But then his privacy was promptly tossed out the window.

Is Hillary Clinton Ready for Marijuana’s 2016 Push?
Clinton, the huge favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, has hinted at a progressive attitude towards marijuana (if her recent Denver pot joke is any indication). But many legalization advocates fear she is too middle-of-the-road and could easily abandon their cause if she makes it to office.

Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock

California Cities Continue Cracking Down on Public E-Cig Smoking
Santa Monica is the latest California city to ban e-cigarettes in public places, following in the footsteps of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Long Beach. Essentially, the electronic tobacco-free devices are being treated as regular cigarettes, even though advocates say they are helpful to people trying to quit smoking.

Desperate Scenes as Drug Law Enforcers Try to Preserve the Status Quo
William R. Brownfield of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs kicked up some drama at a meeting at the UN last week, saying that the 1961 UN convention on drugs—which acts as a “global policeman” in drug prohibition—allows for the legalization of “entire categories of narcotics.” ”How could I, a representative of the government of the United States of America, be intolerant of a government that permits any experimentation with legalization of marijuana if two of the 50 states of the United States of America have chosen to walk down that road?” he asked. Good question.

A 15-Foot Tidal Wave of Beer Hit London, 200 Years Ago Today
“Free beer” loses some appeal when it’s in the form of a deadly tsunami. On 17 October 1814, a broken vat at a London brewery resulted in hundreds of thousands of gallons of beers flooding the streets, killing eight people and demolishing several homes. According to a historical account, no newspapers at the time reported “anyone trying to drink the beer after the flood, indeed, they say the crowds that gathered were pretty well behaved.” Hard to imagine.