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The Daily Buzz: October 20, 2014

Big Alcohol takes on climate change; dad's drinking might help couples conceive; and a boozy New Hampshire pumpkin festival erupts in riots.

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Big Alcohol Takes Action on Climate Change
Drought and water shortages caused by climate change spell out bad news for the grapes and grains that make up the alcoholic beverages we drink to help us forget about climate change. As a result, alcohol companies are among the businesses leading the way in coming up with new technologies to adapt to, and mitigate, the problem.

Mexican Police Arrest Top Leader of Drug Cartel Linked to Missing Students
Last week, federal police arrested Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado, who has been identified as the “supreme leader” of Guerreos Unidos, the drug gang accused of helping local cops abduct 43 students three weeks ago after a violent protest in Iguala. The students have not been heard from since but their prospects don’t look good.

Britain’s Booze Culture Fuels a 40% Rise in Liver Disease Deaths
In 2012, 10,948 people died from liver disease, compared to 7,481 in 2001, according to a new study. The “alarming” increase has been blamed on a rise in drinking and licensing laws that allow 24/7 sales of alcohol.

Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock

Study: Man’s Drinking Can Help Couples Conceive
Bottoms up, wannabe dads! A study of couples undergoing IVF therapy found that the more a man drank, the higher the couple’s chances of conceiving. However, scientists did not find any apparent impact on sperm count or movement, meaning booze could either impact the sperm directly, or “the couple’s relationship.” In other words: more booze, more sex, more (likely a) baby.

New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival Erupts in Riots
This weekend, police in riot gear reportedly fired tear gas and rubber bullets into a crowd at an annual pumpkin festival near Keene State College, where thousands of rowdy students were throwing bottles and rocks and, of course, pumpkins—as well as setting things on fire and overturning cars. “It almost felt like a war zone,” said one attending sophomore, who may not have been in an actual war zone. “People just got too drunk.”