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The Daily Buzz: October 21, 2014

Parkinson's drugs linked to gambling, shopping and sex addiction; Colorado proposes, then retracts, ban on marijuana edibles; and "Breaking Bad" dolls with toy meth cause parental hysteria.

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These Are Mexico’s Seven Most Notorious Drug Cartels
The Mexican Drug War began nearly eight years ago, when former President Felipe Calderón launched a military offensive against the country’s organized drug gangs. Since then, at least 60,000 people are estimated to have died, thousands more are missing, and the violence continues. Though certain powerful cartels have fractured in recent years, others have gained power, or remain intact. This list details the country’s most prominent cartels, and where they are today.

Parkinson’s Drugs Linked to Gambling and Sex Addiction
Drugs often prescribed to people with Parkinson’s disease have been linked to compulsive gambling, shopping and sex by a 10-year study. Researchers say the FDA should should require the class of drugs, called “dopamine agonists,” to carry a black-box warning—one of the most severe warnings for prescription drugs.

Colorado Considers Ban on Pot Edibles, Then Retracts It
The future of Colorado’s marijuana edibles industry hung briefly in the balance this week, when the state’s Department of Public Health and Environment stated that these products are “naturally attractive to children,” which violates the law’s “requirement to prevent the marketing of marijuana products to children.” After the suggestion went public, causing waves of panic, it has been retracted. So relax, adults, you can keep on legally chowing down (in moderation, Maureen).

Former New Mexican Governor Gary Johnson Asks if Marijuana Could Cure Ebola
In a recent interview, the former governor and Libertarian nominee for president in 2012 argued that more research should to be done to test whether certain cannabis compounds could be effective in fighting Ebola. Johnson is now the CEO and president of Cannabis Sativa, one of the world’s biggest marijuana companies.

Toys-R-Us Sells Breaking Bad Toys Complete With Fake Meth, Parents Panic
Toys-R-Us is under fire from pissed off parents for selling a line of dolls modeled on the popular meth-based TV series Breaking Bad. The figurines even come with teeny tiny toy bags of meth, fake guns and cash. One parent has started a Change.org petition to have them removed from the shelves, for being a “dangerous deviation from their family-friendly values.”