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The Daily Buzz: October 23, 2014

Camel cigarette company to finally ban smoking at the workplace; synthetic marijuana "epidemic" causing panic in Russia; and actress Elizabeth Peña died from cirrhosis caused by alcohol.

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Camel Cigarette Company to Ban Workers From Smoking At Their Desks
Employees of Reynolds American Inc., the makers of Camel and the nation’s second-biggest tobacco company, will soon be banned from smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes at their desks or offices, conference rooms, hallways and elevators. The no-smoking policy will kick in next year—only after the company has built a special room for employees to smoke indoors. Until then, they can continue living in the Mad Men era, smoking inside while, presumably, wearing grey suits and fedoras and using rotary phones.

CVS Continues Crackdown on Cigarette Sales
Meanwhile, CVS is serious about severing all ties with Big Tobacco. The pharmacy chain recently pulled tobacco products from its 7,700 pharmacies nationwide. And soon, the company could also make it more expensive for customers to fill prescriptions at pharmacies that haven’t done the same—charging up to 15$ in extra co-pays.

“Spice” Causing Panic in Russia
An “epidemic” caused by the use of the synthetic marijuana-like substance “Spice” (also marketed in the US as “K2″) is making headlines in Russia. Earlier this month, there were at least two dozen deaths and 700 people hospitalized after using Spice, according to Viktor Ivanov, the director of Russia’s Federal Narcotics Service. One news source claims that “80,000 are hooked” and a video claiming the drug “turns people into Zombies” has gone viral. The US has been down this road as well.

Actress Elizabeth Peña Died From Cirrhosis Due to Alcoholism
The Cuban-American star of movies such as Lone Star and La Bamba died last week at age 55. According to the death certificate, released yesterday, one of the causes of death was cirrhosis of the liver “due to alcohol.” She reportedly had the disease for months and it became acute shortly before her death.

Toys R Us Pulls Meth-Toting Breaking Bad Action Figures from Shelves
An enraged Florida mom started a Change.org petition demanding the chain toy store stop selling a line of Breaking Bad figurines that came with miniature toy guns, cash and teeny tiny little baggies of fake meth. More than 9,300 people signed the petition, and the store caved in. If you’re looking for a toy meth hookup, now’s the time to start hanging around the dumpster behind your local Toys R Us.