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The Daily Buzz: October 24, 2014

Moderate drinking may improve seniors' memory; New Jersey dealer arrested for selling "Ebola" brand heroin; and Anjelica Huston says she and Roman Polanski were once arrested for cocaine.

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Mexican Drug Cartel Posts Pictures of Murdered Journalist to her Twitter Account
More awful news from Mexico: Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, a doctor and journalist in the border town of Tamaulipas, may have been killed by a drug cartel who then posted pictures of her dead body on her Twitter account. Mexican journalists who have dared to report on the hideous realities of the drug war are often targeted by the cartels, and many have had their deaths publicized via social media as warnings to the press.

For Seniors, Drinking Booze May Improve Memory
In happier news, for those who enjoy drinking and remembering things: new research suggests that for people above age 60, moderate daily drinking may actually help preserve your “episodic memory.” This is your memory of specific events from the past, like the time you read this article and were suddenly psyched to get old.

If Fully Legalized, the US Marijuana Industry Could Be Worth $35 Billion by 2020
Legal weed could boost the US economy, big time, if it got the chance. A new report estimates that if the federal government ended the national prohibition of pot and all 50 states legalized it, combined sales for both medical and retail marijuana could balloon to $35 billion a year in the next six years.

New Jersey Dealer Arrested for Selling “Ebola” Heroin
A 47-year-old man known as “Hammer” was arrested earlier this week after he was caught selling heroin and crack from a Ramada Inn hotel room. His questionable marketing tactics included branding some of the baggies of heroin as “Ebola,” to cash in on the current outbreak/panic.

Anjelica Huston and Roman Polanski Were Once Arrested for Cocaine
In an “explosive” new memoir, the actress describes how she was once arrested for cocaine possession at Jack Nicholson’s house, after cops showed up looking for director Roman Polanski. She writes: “They started to go through my handbag where they found a gram of cocaine. Roman and I were bundled into the back of two separate police cars. We were under arrest.” Apparently Polanski later apologized to her, the book reveals.