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The Daily Buzz: October 27, 2014

Washington's "pot czar" backs legal marijuana in Oregon; housing-first solution proposed for LA's skid row; and a Russian medical marijuana company purchases Ebola.com for $200,000.

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Washington State “Pot Czar” Backs Marijuana Legalization In Oregon
Mark Kleiman, a leading drug policy expert who has criticized state-by-state marijuana laws, has come out in favor of Oregon’s upcoming ballot measure to legalize recreational pot, despite concerns like lower prices and increased usage. The measure is “close enough” he wrote in a blog post ”until and unless a better initiative can be crafted.”

How Can Los Angeles Fix Skid Row?
Controversy surrounds how to handle an LA area known as Skid Row, home to more than a thousand homeless people who sleep in cardboard boxes and tents. Police crackdowns don’t fix the problem, say advocates, who want to offer permanent supportive housing instead. “Many people would consider the folks that we’re housing un-housable,” says Marc Trotz, who runs LA County’s Housing for Health program. “They’re too sick, they’re too disruptive, they’re too drug-addicted. And our philosophy is to just flip that around.”

Inside the Murky World of Beijing’s Expat Drug Dealers
Slate visits the Chinese capital, where many ex-pats have capitalized on the country’s thriving underground drug market, even though officials have long targeted foreign dealers and users. China has been ramping up its anti-drug campaign in recent months, arresting various high-profile celebrities for marijuana possession to set a national example.

Army Football Lured Recruits With Booze and Female Cadets
Twenty West Point cadets have been “reprimanded” for promoting underage drinking and other “misdeeds” by plying new recruits with alcohol, and asking female cadets to act as their dinner dates during a boozy night out. Said West Point in a statement: ”the US Military Academy takes this very seriously and adjudicated this at the highest level of the disciplinary code,” whatever that means.

Russian Marijuana Company Buys Ebola.com for $200,000
The Ebola outbreak isn’t bad news for everyone, apparently. A Las Vegas entrepreneur named Jon Schulz just made some major cash off Ebola.com, which he bought in 2008 for $13,500. The domain was purchased by Russian medical marijuana company “Weed Growth,” for reasons as yet disclosed. “With so many people concerned about the disease, any advertisement referring people to Ebola.com should get an excellent response,” said Schulz, who also owns H1N1.com and birdflu.com.