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The Daily Buzz: October 28, 2014

Lebanese marijuana farmers fear ISIS will destroy their crops; prescription drugs involved in 68% of narcotics overdoses in ER's; and meet the only guy ever known to give kids marijuana-infused Halloween candy.

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Lebanese Pot Farmers Fear Threats From Islamic Militants
Illegal marijuana cultivation is booming in Lebanon, helping many of the country’s poorest people make a living. But cannabis farmers are concerned that Islamic militants in neighboring Syria will cross the border and destroy their crops. Recently, Isis released a video that showed them setting fire to Syrian marijuana fields.

Doctor-Prescribed Pills Are Involved in 68% of Opioid Overdoses, Study Finds
According to a new report, painkillers prescribed by doctors led to 92,000 overdoses in ERs in 2010. This was about two-thirds of all overdoses in hospitals. Researchers also found that 84% of narcotic overdoses took place in urban areas, 40% in the South, and most were women.


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Prenatal Drinking May Do More Harm Than Previously Thought
Drinking during pregnancy remains highly controversial, with past studies claiming conflicting data as far as the harms it can cause to children. The latest study suggests that as many as one in 20 US children may have health or behavioral problems related to prenatal alcohol exposure.

Oklahoma Witch Arrested for Meth Claims It Is Part of Her Religion
A woman arrested for meth possession told cops it was not against the law because it is her religious right, as a Wiccan, to use the drug. But the law did not side with her, because of separation of church and state, and she has been charged.

The One Man Who Accidentally Gave Kids Marijuana On Halloween
Despite all the media-fueled fear about kids getting drug-spiked candy this time of year, there is little evidence that this actually ever happens. In fact, there’s just one documented case: In 2000, in Hercules, California, some trick-or-treaters received marijuana-infused chocolate bars from a well-intentioned postal worker, who had lifted the candy from an undeliverable package without realizing what it contained. Whoops!