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The Daily Buzz: October 31, 2014

Missing students in Mexico spark anti-drug war protests; UK parliament challenges "robotic rhetoric" in groundbreaking drug policy debate; and alcoholism-themed sitcom "Mom" now takes on gambling addiction.

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Crisis in Mexico: Could 43 Missing Students Spark a Revolution?
Forty-three Mexican student protesters have been missing since September, presumed killed by drug cartel members, in conjunction with local police. Their disappearance has sparked daily marches and protests, revitalizing civic outrage in a country where many people had become largely anesthetized by years of violence—and pacified by fear.

UK Parliament Holds Groundbreaking Drug Policy Debate
The British parliament held a spirited debate on drug policy after 135,000 people signed an e-petition to call for it. Liberal Democrat MPs urged politicians to get in line with public opinion, calling for an end to “robotic mindless rhetoric” behind ineffective drug laws. Conservatives acknowledged problems with current policy, but claimed they are helping diminish the “scourge” of drugs. A recent report based on info gathered from 13 countries found “no obvious link” between tough drug laws and reduced drug use.

Drunk British Pilot Arrested Moments Before Take-off
A pilot for UK’s low-budget domestic airline Flybe was arrested and removed from the flight moments before take-off after a fellow crew member alerted police that he seemed drunk. The debacle caused passengers to experience up to five hours of flight delays and, one imagines, up to a lifetime of flying-related anxiety.

Photo via Shuttestock

Photo via Shuttestock

How Tripping on Mushrooms Reorganizes Your Brain
Why does ‘shrooming make you feel the way it makes you feel (“like everything is swirly” says one source)? New research suggests that psilocybin, the main psychoactive ingredient in these “magic” mushrooms, creates new links between previously disconnected regions in your brain, temporarily reorganizing your entire cognitive framework. Cool, bro.

CBS Sitcom Mom Addresses Alcoholism, Drugs and Now Gambling Addiction
Mom focuses on the relationship between a recovering alcoholic (Anna Faris) and her mother (Allison Janney), who is also in recovery. The show, which has been bold and surprisingly realistic in its portrayal of addiction, 12-step recovery and relapse, is now tackling gambling addiction in its second season. Pretty gutsy stuff for a network show.