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The Daily Buzz: September 19, 2014

Two-thirds of DC voters support legalizing pot; former addicts may have a lower chance of developing new addictions; and Liam Neeson's new role as a recovering alcoholic hits close to home.

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Nearly Two-Thirds of DC Likely Voters Support Marijuana Legalization
The Washington Post has recommended against legalizing marijuana in the district on an upcoming ballot measure. But that hasn’t swayed an overwhelming majority—65%—of likely voters who are in favor of legalization, according to the latest poll. This bodes well for everyone’s chances of smoking pot at the White House, like Snoop Dogg.

This Is a Crucial Election Season for Drug Policy Reform
Speaking of pot and politics, this voting season could be a major game changer for drug laws around the country, with more drug policy reform questions on the ballot than ever in US history. More than seven states and 17 municipalities will vote on ballot initiatives to reform or repeal marijuana laws. To stay on top of what’s likely to happen in November, check out this overview by the DPA’s Stephen Gutwillig.

Former Addicts May Face Lower Risk of New Addictions
People who managed to kick an addiction to drugs in the past may be less likely to become addicted to something else in the future, according to a new study. This contradicts the widely-held notion that conquering one addiction leaves you vulnerable to substituting another, aka the “whack-a-mole” syndrome.

Liam Neeson  Says His New Film Portrays Alcoholism and AA Realistically
The role of recovering alcoholic in his new movie Among the Tombstones may not be too much of a stretch for Liam Neeson. The actor, who quit drinking a few years ago, says it’s important to address alcoholism, recovery and “the great work that AA does” in a realistic way—like this film apparently does.

Peyton Manning Says Legal Pot Is Helping His Pizza Business
The Denver Broncos quarterback, who owns 21 Papa John’s pizza franchises in Colorado, says “some recent law changes” have helped boost pizza sales. We can assume he is talking about the state’s legalization of pot. Manning purchased the pizza businesses in October, 2012, just weeks before the state voted on legalization. Don’t accuse this football player of being dumb.