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The Daily Buzz: September 2, 2014

E-cigarette vapor is apparently chock-full of toxic metals; Washington's legal pot market is threatened by individual cities banning sales; and Miley Cyrus says the Internet is worse for your brain than marijuana.

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Were E-Cigarettes Too Good to Be True?
Electronic devices that allow you to ingest nicotine via tobacco-free vapor were first developed to help people quit smoking, and have become so popular they now have their own verb: “vaping.” But new research suggests the futuristic devices might not be much healthier than regular cigs. The vapor emitted by E-cigs has been found to contain chromium—a toxic element not found in traditional smokes—as well as nickel, lead, zinc and other toxic metals.

No-Pot Cities in Washington Threaten Legal Weed Market
Marijuana is legal in Washington State, but the politics around selling it have gotten complicated. Dozens of cities are preventing pot sales, including Fife, a suburb of 10,000 people, where a local business owner is now suing to open up a dispensary. City officials refuse to budge, arguing that pot is illegal on a federal level. The controversy could spell trouble for Washington’s experiment with a legal, state marijuana market—just two months after it started.

Study: Energy Drinks May Cause Heart Problems
These highly-caffeinated beverages in brightly-colored cans may lead to heart problems like angina, irregular heartbeat and even sudden death, according to a new study from France. Consuming multiple energy drinks at a time has been linked to several teen deaths in the past.

Florida “Hostages” Actually Just Hallucinating On Meth
After responding to reports that three people were screaming from a home where they claimed to have been taken hostage, police determined the alleged victims had taken meth and were hallucinating. This story probably won’t do much to salvage the reputations of meth or Florida.

Miley Cyrus Says Internet Is Worse for Your Brain Than Drugs
The pop star and known pot-enthusiast continues to defend her drug-of-choice against the haters, this time by comparing it to what she sees as a more threatening scourge: the Internet. “You know what hurts your brain?” she said, “Googling yourself. You know what hurts your brain? Instagram. You know what hurts your brain? Reading comments on Facebook. You know what hurts your brain? Reading US Weekly.” Girl might actually be on to something.