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The Daily Buzz: September 23, 2014

E-cigarettes reportedly don't help cancer patients quit smoking; Buddhist monks arrested for smoking crystal meth; and Lady Gaga is "more sober than ever."

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Study: E-Cigarettes Don’t Help Cancer Patients Quit Smoking
Electronic cigarettes were initially invented as a smoking cessation aid, before “vaping” became all the rage. But a new study of cancer patients suggests that patients using the devices are equally or less likely to quit smoking than those who do not use them. However, the study has since been criticized as flawed.

Buddhist Monks Arrested for Smoking Meth in Sacred Pagoda
Two monks were busted in a Cambodian monastery for smoking crystal methamphetamine. Apparently, both monks had previously been “defrocked” for un-monklike behavior, which includes drinking, drug use and sex. Meth use is skyrocketing in Southeast Asia, and is believed to be either the first or second most popular illicit drug in most Asian countries.

New York City Booze Cruise Runs Aground
An alcohol and tourist-laden tour boat ended up on the rocks this weekend near the Statue of Liberty and all 121 passengers had to be evacuated, the Coast Guard reports. Luckily, the shipwreck didn’t put a damper on festivities: “We did get all our tastings in,” said one passenger. “We had five kinds of beers.” Disaster averted!

Video: Budweiser Discourages Drinking and Driving With “Adorable” PSA
An anti-drinking and driving PSA by Budweiser, starring a young guy and his labrador retriever, has gone viral. The message seems to be: Not drinking responsibly could really bum out your dog. Whatever works!

Lady Gaga Says She’s “More Sober Than Ever”
The 28-year-old pop star says she’s in a good place after recently parting ways with her long-term manager: “I’m very centered now. I meditate a lot. I’m happy. I am more sober than I’ve ever been.” Gaga has always been candid about her drug use. She says she went through a period of heavy cocaine use in her late teens, but in recent years has stuck to alcohol and pot.