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The Daily Buzz: September 25, 2014

Marijuana legalization efforts for 2016 kick off in California; MIT student claims drunk women threaten to ruin college fraternities; and "The Situation" is ordered to stay sober after an indictment for tax fraud.

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Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock

Marijuana Legalization Effort Begins in California
The Marijuana Policy Project, an advocacy group that played a major role in helping pass marijuana legalization in Colorado, has begun raising money for a campaign in California in 2016. A poll last year found that a majority (55%) of Californian voters would support this measure—which would probably raise a fortune for the Golden State. California was the first place in the US to legalize medical marijuana, way back in 1996.

High-Profile Mexican Lawmaker Likely Killed by Drug Cartel
Mexican federal congressman Gabriel Gomez was kidnapped and executed earlier this week, most likely at the hands of a drug cartel, according to a state prosecutor. Gomez is the most high-profile politician murdered in recent years; murders of local politicians are more common. The overall death toll from Mexico’s drug war is now estimated at a staggering 90,000 since 2006. And many more are missing.

NASCAR Driver Kevin Ward Jr. Had Marijuana in His System at Time of Death
NASCAR champion Tony Stewart has been cleared by a grand jury in the death of Kevin Ward Jr., the driver he struck and killed in August, since toxicology reports revealed Ward Jr. had pot in his system at the time. The DA said the victim was under the influence “enough to impair judgment” and that videos of the incident showed “no aberrational driving by Tony Stewart.”

Forbes Column Claims Drunk Women Are the Problem With Fraternities
Forbes posted a column suggesting college fraternities should ban drunk women because by injuring themselves and filing “fake” rape charges, they pose the “gravest threat” to the Greek organizations (so it’s not all the binge-drinking, hazing and misogyny?). The column, written by the president of the alumni house corporation for MIT fraternity Chi Phi Beta, was quickly deleted, probably when the author sobered up.

Jersey Shore Star “The Situation” Ordered By Court to Stay Sober
Reality star legend Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, formerly of The Jersey Shore, has been ordered to stay off drugs and alcohol ever since he and his brother/manager Marc were indicted for tax fraud recently. Sorrentino went to rehab in 2012 for misusing prescription pills and says he has been sober since.