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The Daily Buzz: September 29, 2014

Protestors march on Washington demanding tighter Rx drug regulations; Big Tobacco releases surprisingly severe E-Cigarette health warnings; and a new sober night club in Sweden draws 900 people.

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DC Protestors March for Tighter Prescription Drug Regulations
Hundreds of protestors gathered outside the White House this weekend to demand tighter regulation of prescription painkillers and to call for current FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg to step down. Demonstrators, who believe the Obama administration has not done enough to regulate prescription drugs, held signs displaying pictures of loved ones who had died from overdose and messages like “Stop the Epidemic” and “Save Our Children.”

Big Tobacco Releases Extreme E-Cigarette Warnings
Big companies like Altria and Reynolds American (makers of Marlboro, and Camel) are stepping into the lucrative E-cigarette market. But instead of positioning the product as a healthier alternative, they are using health warnings that are much more dire than those released by smaller E-cigarette companies. Is this part of a clever business strategy or have they suddenly become concerned about our health?

No booze in sight. Photo via

No booze in sight. Photo: Marten Andersson

Drug Cartels Clash in Mexican Border State, Killing 11
Prosecutors say 11 people died in a shoot out between rival drug cartels fighting for turf control of an area in the Tarahumara mountain range this weekend, not too far from the US border. The area has been rife with violence in recent months.

Sober Dance Club In Sweden Is a Smashing Success
This weekend kicked off the first installment of a monthly alcohol- and drug-free night at a major Stockholm club—the brainchild of sober comedian Mårten Andersson. Evidently it was a success, drawing more than 900 clear-eyed clubbers. The crowd was described as: “much more diverse than you get at most European club nights, with curious teenagers joining former alcoholics in their 50s, clean-living yogis and breastfeeding mothers in their 30s.”

Jennifer Lopez Hit By a Drunk Driver
The actress posted a selfie to let us know that no one was hurt after an allegedly drunk driver hit the car she was in with her two kids and actress Leah Remini. The unnamed driver was tracked down and has been arrested for DUI and hit-and-run.