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The Daily Buzz: September 4, 2014

Scientists to research marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy; more Americans than ever want marijuana legalized; and Drunk History gives a (drunk) voice to women.

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Scientists Are Finally Researching Marijuana as Epilepsy Treatment
Researchers are now putting put pot to the test in the first ever clinical study of marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy. Parents have been using the drug for years to treat kids with the condition and it has dramatically reduced seizures in some patients. The trial will look in to whether there is a genetic component to its chances of success.

Even More Americans Now Want Legal Marijuana
The majority of Americans are pro-legalization and the numbers continue to grow. According to a huge survey of over 450,000 adults, 58% of us support legalization—39% say they “strongly support” it and the other 19% “somewhat” supporting it. Thirty-five percent are opposed to legal pot. And 6% don’t give a damn.

Drug War-Torn Mexico Is Riddled With Unmarked Graves
Since 2006, Mexican authorities have uncovered at least 174 narcofosas (unmarked graves where drug war victims are buried), with some holding up to 100 bodies. Journalist Jorge Reveles says there are so many graves that “the country is starting to resemble a Swiss cheese.” The Mexican government recently estimated that more than 22,000 people have gone missing.

Wine Might Help You Live Longer, If You Exercise
Past studies have reported on the long-term benefits of moderate red wine consumption (that’s one glass a night for women and two for men). Now a new study claims white wine and red wine could both help you live longer—but only if combined with regular exercise. Time to fill up your water bottle with Pinot Grigio and hit the gym?

Here’s What Drunk History Taught Me About Feminism
This super-popular Comedy Central series, in which a narrator gets wasted and attempts to retell moments from history, is breaking ground in more ways than one. The show features numerous female comedians of today and gives a voice to important, often underrepresented, women from history. Cheers to drunken equality!