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The Daily Buzz: September 5, 2014

E-Cigarettes are the new "gateway" drug, says study; legal marijuana workers still can't work legally; and a small Colorado town is about to become a Budweiser ad against its will.

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First stop on the train to cocaine-ville. Photo via Shutterstock

First stop on the train to cocaine-ville. Photo via Shutterstock

Are E-Cigarettes the New “Gateway” Drug?
Vaper madness rages on! Smoking nicotine-laced vapor from electronic cigarettes (aka “vaping”) has become a huge fad, making it the subject of a national health-related panic. A new study, however, claims that nicotine “primes” the brain for harder drugs, suggesting E-Cigs are a potential “gateway” to substances like cocaine. Deja vu?

Smoking Banned In More Than 8 In 10 American Homes
This is nearly double the number reported twenty years ago, showing that the anti-tobacco movement has made major strides. And nearly half of people who smoke live in these no-smoking homes, which is good news for the air freshener industry.

Marijuana Workers Face Legal Quandary
The federal ban of pot continues to create sticky situations, even for those who work in the industry. Anyone whose salary is paid by taxes collected on pot, including states where it’s legal, could be prosecuted for drug trafficking. Many choose to work under the table instead.

Top Party Schools Pledge To Curb Binge Drinking
Syracuse University, recently crowned the “Top Party School” in the country by the Princeton Review, is working to not receive the same honors next year by banning booze in one of the school’s hottest party spots (an apartment parking lot). And University of Iowa (#2 this year, last year’s #1) is also cracking down. But it’s been pointed out that both schools continue to profit off branded shot glasses and other booze paraphernalia, because college.

Budweiser Flies 1,000 People to Quiet Colorado Town to Film an Ad
Speaking of things that make this country unique: Anheuser-Busch is apparently turning a small ski town in Colorado in to “Whatever, USA” for an ad featuring young people who competed for the opportunity. Apparently the residents of Crested Butte were not given much warning and they are not excited about the potential threat to their town’s chill vibe.