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The Daily Buzz: September 9, 2014

White House plans to expand take back program for prescription drugs; Philly is about to become the biggest US city to decriminalize pot; and Coloradans wed with weed, but it's no big deal.

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White House Reveals New Efforts to Take Back Prescription Drugs
Prescribed opioid painkillers that sit unused in people’s homes can lead to misuse and addiction. In response to the nation’s rising opioid crisis, the Obama administration has announced plans to expand the prescription drug return program that would allow pharmacies and medical facilities to take back unused drugs.

Philadelphia Will Soon Become Largest US City to Decriminalize Marijuana
Another day, another city reducing penalties for pot! This week Philly Mayor Michael Nutter announced that he will sign a bill to reduce the penalty for small-scale marijuana possession from possible jail time to a $25 fine.

Could Navy Submarine Smoking Ban Lead Military Personnel to Quit?
Did you know marines used to smoke on board submarines? Not anymore. Navy officials ordered all its underwater ships to become smoke free in 2010, after offering counseling and nicotine-replacement patches and gum to help smokers quit. The highly-successful program led to a 50% drop in smoking among military personnel, and a new paper suggests it could pave the way for broader smoking bans in other parts of the military.

You May Soon Be Able to Buy Your Friends Beer on Facebook
Of course it was only a matter of time before Big Alcohol and Big Facebook joined hands. Anheuser-Busch and Facebook are currently testing online sales and “gifting” of Budweiser and Bud Light starting this week. If all goes according to plan, by next year you will be able to buy your “friend” a Budweiser on Facebook, or sign them up to “earn” a free Bud Light on their birthday through wall posts. Be afraid.

What Really Goes Down at a “Weed Wedding”?
The media has been all a buzz lately about the latest trend: weed weddings, aka weedings. But in Colorado, where weed has been legal since 2012, apparently the influence of marijuana at most weddings is more subtle. Though people may bring joints or pre-game with a little pot, ”It’s not like people are getting married and taking big hits from the bong while the pastor’s standing there,” says Jane West, founder of Edible Events Co. She would know!