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The Daily Buzz: Thursday, May 22

FBI director was actually "just kidding" about relaxing the agency's marijuana policies for new hires; more seniors are getting hooked on prescription pills; and actor Terry Crews talks about his addiction to porn.

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FBI Director Was Actually “Just Joking” About Changing Marijuana Policies

James Comey said this week that the agency might consider changing its zero-tolerance policy on marijuana use for new hires, which excludes some of the best hackers in the industry. Turns out, he was just kidding! Now he’s taking heat for the jokes, because it was an FBI press conference, not the open mic night at Chuckle’s.

Medical Marijuana Bill Clears Major Hurdle in New York
But this is (hopefully) not a joke: The New York state Senate finally voted—by nine to eight—to move forward with medical pot legalization.

Report: More Senior Citizens Getting Hooked on Prescription Pills
Rx drug addiction doesn’t only impact the youngins. Hundreds of thousands of seniors are reportedly misusing prescription meds—mainly narcotic painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs. The result is rising numbers of treatment program admissions, ER visits and OD deaths.

Scientists Find More Genes Tied to Alcoholism Risk
In the ongoing quest to understand why some people get hooked and others don’t, scientists have now pinpointed 11 genetic variations that may be linked to a higher risk of alcoholism. ”Genes are not destiny, but knowing your genetic risk profile can empower you to make smart lifestyle choices,” says the author of the study. But what if you’re also genetically pre-disposed to making unhealthy lifestyle choices?

Actor Terry Crews Talks About His Porn Addiction
The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star flexed his truth muscles while discussing a pornography addiction that started when he was 12 and culminated in his being unfaithful to his wife. “My father was addicted to alcohol and my mother was addicted to religion,” he says. “So what happens is you had an addictive household.”