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The Daily Buzz: Tuesday, May 27

Senator Schumer asks for $100 million to fight heroin trafficking; why it's better not to drink alone; and Wiz Khalifa tweets a "jail selfie" after airport pot bust.

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Senator Schumer Asks for $100M to Help Curb Heroin Trafficking
The US Senator said New York City has turned into “the hotbed for the East Coast heroin trade” and called for an emergency $100 million in federal funds to fight trafficking. “A heroin pipeline has formed from Mexico to New York City and beyond to places like Staten Island, Vermont, and Boston,” Schumer said, comparing the situation to the “crack epidemic” of the ’80s.

The Case for Not Drinking Alone: Boozing in Groups Reduces Risky Behavior
Researchers have found that people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol in social situations are less likely to partake in “risky behavior” than if they’re drinking alone. They’re probably also less likely to cry in front of the TV while eating a burrito.

Prescription Drugs Deadlier Than Car Accidents, Guns and Suicide
Things are looking pretty bleak in the US of A. NIDA stats show that the nation holds 5% of the world’s population but is responsible for 75% of global prescription drug use; 52 million people over the age of 12 have misused these medications; and 100 people a day are dying from them.

New York Investigates Black Market Booze Slushies
The state is also becoming the hotbed for the East Coast “Phrostie” trade: The increasingly popular technicolor alcoholic slushies are illegally sold via Instagram and home delivered. No one knows what’s in them, but they reportedly “knock-you-out strong.” New York State Liquor Authority is investigating; hopefully it won’t cost us another $100 million.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa Tweets “Jail Selfie” After Pot Arrest
Khalifa was busted by the TSA at an airport in Houston carrying a canister of weed, because he’s Wiz Khalifa (the man created his own strain of weed!). He was arrested and spent 24 hours in jail, during which time he tweeted a “jail selfie.” Because, Wiz Khalifa.