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The Daily Buzz: Wednesday, May 14

Meds to help you stop drinking are effective but rarely prescribed; otherwise health-conscious millennials use alcohol to cope with stress; and an LA fundraising concert celebrates Ozzy Osbourne's heavy metal sobriety.

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Meds Can Help Alcoholics Stop Drinking, But Are Rarely Prescribed
Several drugs—acamprosate (brand name Campral) and oral naltrexone (brand name Revia)—have been proven to help curb alcohol cravings, according to researchers. But these medications are rarely prescribed by doctors. Well why not, docs?

Miley, Molly and Your Teen’s Mind
Been living under a rock and don’t know the deal with “Molly”? In summation: It’s pure MDMA (what you know as ecstasy), it’s popular with young people and it’s bad for your brain. More info in this article which you should probably read if you are, have, or know a teen.

Health-Conscious Millennials Are Still Boozing it Up Like Crazy
The kale- and Pilates-crazed generation are spending way more money on healthy food and fitness than generations before. But they are also much more likely than older folks to drink alcohol when stressed, says a new study. Well can you blame them, with all these stressful studies coming out!?

By Serving Alcohol, Starbucks Risks Losing Business From People in Recovery
Sober people tend to drink a lot of coffee. It’s the thing to do after 12-step meetings, before them and/or during them. Film producer Greg Williams, in recovery 12 years, says the coffee chain might be losing this crucial segment of the population by adding alcohol to the menu. Remember who got you where you are, Starbucks!

Los Angeles Fundraising Concert Honors Ozzy Osbourne for His Sobriety
Osbourne and Metallica were among the performers at last night’s 10th annual MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit performance, which provides treatment for musicians in recovery. Ozzy said it took him “35 years to wrap my head around sobriety” but has now put together more than a year. Not everyone gets a huge rock concert after one-year sober, but probably everyone should!

Woman Stopped for DUI Hands Over Vodka Receipt Instead of ID
Massachusetts woman Brenda Drinkwater was busted for her 7th DUI and then severely blew her cover when asked for ID. Please walk everywhere from now on, Drinkwater, and also your last name is “Drinkwater.” Take a hint.