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Will Godfrey Will Godfrey

US States Use Internet Drug Searches to Cement Own Stereotypes

17 Substance

Welome to Texas

Why yes, beer does make you fat. Photo via Shutterstock

An unfeasibly fun, frequently frightening piece of research by the real estate blog Estately, “especially for those curious how their potential neighbors spend their time online,” has produced a list of the terms that residents of each US state Google more than people elsewhere. For example, people in Alabama and Kentucky search the term “Obama is the Antichrist” more often than any other Americans. Naturally. Alaska tops the charts for both “bestiality” and “mail order bride.” And Indiana weighs in with “I have a rash.”

Estately “ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends” to compile this information. Now that we’ve got the science out of the way, here are some substance-specific highlights:

California: “Alcoholics Anonymous”—Recovery Central (particularly if you can afford those Malibu rehabs).

Colorado: “marijuana”—Legally miles high.

Florida: “Viagra”—Senior living.

Georgia: “cooking crack”—Incidentally, “butt implants” is another of the Peach State’s faves.

Maine: “how to roll a joint”—Keen but green.

Massachusetts: “hangover cure” and “PCP”—Ah, college daze.

Mississippi: “making crack” and “codeine”—Ups and downs on the Delta.

Montana: “meth”—Reassuringly, this is also the top state for “National Rifle Association.”

New York: “Propecia” and “sniffing glue”—This is simply tragic.

Pennsylvania: “beer” and “heroin” and “oxycodone” and “partying”—Quite a night.

Rhode Island: “beer pong”—At least this is somewhat social.

Texas: “does beer make you fat?” and “how to cook meth” and “meth recipes” and “krunk” and “purple drank”—Everything’s bigger, including the list.

Vermont: “LSD—A hippy haven?

Washington: “non-alcoholic beer”—(See New York).

West Virginia: “how to make moonshine”—First, do an Internet search.