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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Twenty-Nine Common Myths About Booze

Beer before liquor won't make you sicker. And there's no such thing as "breaking the seal." Time to check your drunk-facts!

6 Substance

You may think you have a PhD in booze, but it turns out a lot of the pearls of wisdom you picked up during your drunk-education are not founded in fact. In this helpful seven-minute video from Mental Floss, Hannah Hart, host of YouTube’s “My Drunk Kitchen” and a self-described “expert on alcohol,” busts some common myths.

For example: Beer before liquor won’t make you any sicker than liquor before beer (and in neither case are you necessarily “in the clear”). Also: there’s no such thing as “breaking the seal” (unless you have a medical problem that prevents urination). And alcohol doesn’t cause weight gain more than anything else with the same caloric content. (Though it will make pizza taste extra-delicious; this is not a myth.)