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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: A Visit to a “Cannabis Hellhole” in Colorado

A BBC satire takes aim at media fear mongering by investigating a place where "dangerous" marijuana is being sold.

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BREAKING: The “formerly respectable state” of Colorado has soiled its name by legalizing marijuana, where cannabis is now openly grown and sold for recreational use. “Dale Maily” from the British news satire program The Revolution Will Be Televised is on the scene. In this video he visits a “hippie drug supermarket” in Colorado—the 3D Cannabis Center—to get the lowdown on this latest outrage.

Marijuana gets its hooks in Maily almost immediately. Seconds after entering the store, he becomes “less employable, more lazy and I haven’t even paid one bill or my mortgage.” But others in the video don’t seem to be in on the joke—one employee in the store gets pissed after Maily accuses him of being a “white hippie drug dealer.” Can you really blame the guy? The media has hardly been kind to marijuana lately.

Just last week, two British newspapers, the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, embarrassed themselves big-time with inflammatory headlines about marijuana use (the American media is hardly blameless, either). But with legalization measures hitting upcoming ballots in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC, these “cannabis hellholes” could continue to sweep the country. Everyone, be afraid!