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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Celebs Get Breathalyzed on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Buzzfeed reporters use a portable breathalyzer to find out if actors arriving at the awards ceremony were already drunk.

3 Substance

Buzzfeed took to the red carpet last night to find out not what celebrities were wearing, but how drunk they were, before the Golden Globes ceremony. Using a portable breathalyzer, they tested the BAC of various willing actors to see if they were having “an appropriate amount of fun” (video below). Surprisingly, they all passed! The booziest blood award goes to actress Kate Mara, who blows a .043—half way to the legal driving limit, and she seems pumped about it. Jeff Goldblum, who says he’s “on the natch. Straight and narrow,” is true to his word, blowing a 0.00. Bill Hader also blows a zero.

The reporters also gave out mini bottles of booze to help the sober-ish celebs reach their non-legal limits (not your typical breathalyzing procedure). But comedian Ricky Gervais was not interested in the whisky bottles offered to him, saying: ”They’re all dangerous. They’re all the work of the devil, those drinks. Give me a wholesome beer!”