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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: Charles Bukowski “Liked Drunkards” But Loathed Pot

The writer condemns pot and those who smoke it, while touting the "benefits" of alcoholism. It's not exactly a DARE-worthy PSA.

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Anybody familiar with Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) is undoubtedly aware of the late writer’s love for booze. But it turns out, he didn’t feel so warmly towards other mind-altering substances. His particular loathing towards marijuana and those who smoke it is revealed in this short video, culled from several long interviews conducted in the early ’80s. But it’s not exactly a video suited to a middle school DARE class, since he follows his damning claims about pot with assertions about the “benefits” of alcoholism.

Marijuana, he explains, leads to a state where “all mind circulation and all spirit has been cut off,” whereas getting drunk leads to “a release of the dream.” “Be an alcoholic,” he says. “If you’ve gotta be anything, be an alcoholic.” Probably not words to end up on a bumper sticker.