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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Chris Hardwick Roasts His Pre-Sober Self

The game show host celebrates 11 years of sobriety by making fun of his drunken former self, whom he calls "Peter" Hardwick.

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Sobriety can bring a boatload of benefits, one of which is that quitting booze and drugs can work wonders on your physical appearance. At least, that seems to have been the experience of comedian Chris Hardwick, host of late-night game show @midnight. Hardwick celebrated his eleven years of sobriety this week by showing photos of his somewhat haggard-looking former self, whom he calls “Peter Hardwick.” In one photo he’s holding a beer bottle, which Hardwick describes as “my ex-girlfriend.”

Hardwick then invites his comedian guests to skewer his former self with one-liners. The winner is from Cash Levy, who says, of “Peter”: ”He was abducted by aliens, immediately returned.”