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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: “Cookin’ With Molly” PSA Reveals What Goes Into Your Molly

In this mock cooking video, a sleazy chef adds "secret" ingredients while whipping up a batch of Molly: meth and a "pinch" of bath salts.

8 Substance

In response to two drug-related deaths at last year’s Veld Music Festival, Toronto police have concocted a new campaign to educate people that Molly (the street name for “pure” MDMA) is not always so pure. In a video called “Cookin’ With Molly,” (below), a sleazy dude hosts a fictional cooking show where he reveals the “secret” ingredient in his brand of Molly: meth, and a “pinch” of bath salts.

According to Detective Chris Scherk, the PSA is specifically aimed at teens and young adults. “Molly is not the drug you think it is,” he says. “You don’t always know that what you’re told you’re given is what you’re given.”

It’s a relatively helpful and truthful message for an anti-drug campaign—a genre not generally known for its subtlety (like this overblown anti-Molly Electric Zoo Music Festival PSA). What do you think? Would it put you off poppin’ Molly?