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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Daily Show Takes On Fox News for Calling Jay-Z a “Crack Dealer”

Judging a world-famous rapper for his drug dealing past is not okay with John Stewart.

3 Substance

Jay Z is known—among other things—as one of the world’s most successful rappers and businessmen, a multiple Grammy winner, billionaire and husband of Beyoncé. He is not famous for his crack dealing skills. And yet Fox News’ Sean Hannity recently described the rapper on air as “a guy that admits that he sold crack and was a drug dealer and actually shot somebody.” (A statement based on his rap lyrics and not actual convictions.)

Classifying the world-renowned rapper as a former criminal doesn’t fly with The Daily Show. Last night, John Stewart welcomed correspondent Jessica Williams to issue a predictably razor-sharp response (video below). After chiding Stewart for his use of rap slang (telling him “stay in your lane!”), Williams highlights Fox News‘s tendency to scold the black community, telling them to “pull your pants up” and “stay out of trouble.” She then calls out some of the network’s finest on their own past behavior.