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Video: Did Snoop Dog Smoke Pot at the White House?

The rapper claims he lit up a blunt in the bathroom at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Are you surprised?

2 Substance

The rapper formerly known as Snoop Lion, before that known as Snoop Dogg and now, once again, known as Snoop Dogg, has revealed that he has boldly gone where none of us (probably) has gone before: a White House bathroom, with a lit blunt. Last night, Dogg chatted with guest Jimmy Kimmel on his new show, GGN: The Double G News Network. When asked, “have you ever smoked at the White House?” the rapper, who appears to be smoking a blunt (video below), responds: “In the bathroom. Not in the White House—but in the bathroom.”

Unless he is referring to an outhouse on the front lawn, that sounds a lot like in the White House. Dogg implies that neither the President or First Lady were in any way involved, though he does mention a somewhat awkward conversation that happened prior, involving “the CIA. Or the FBI. The alphabet boys.”

It’s a pretty major revelation, though not surprising, given Dogg’s known penchant for smoking pot—lots and lots of pot. If anyone were to smoke a blunt in the President’s bathroom, it’d be him.

Though we have to take his word on it, it’s apparently been confirmed that Dogg did visit the White House ahead of the Kennedy Center Honors in December. This was before Washington, DC decriminalized weed, so what he did was illegal. But if he should return to the White House and get caught this time, the most he could face is a 25$ fine. At that cost, who wouldn’t want to smoke a blunt in the White House bathroom?