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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Electronic, Glowing Ice Cubes Know When You’re Drunk

These color-changing ice cubes monitor your drinking, and text your friends if you're in the red zone. But don't worry, they also know how to party.

22 Substance

After a boozy night ended in an unwanted blackout, MIT student  came up with a creative solution to accidental binge drinking: He built ice cubes that change colors depending how much alcohol you’ve consumed. Once they determine that you’ve had too much, they turn red. And if you keep drinking after that, they text your friends to let them know you need to be cut off.

But if these ice cubes sound like total downers, they’re not. The cubes are equipped with LED lights and they react to sound, so they glow and beat to ambient musicIt’s like a party in your glass, that morphs into that responsible, tough loving friend when you’ve reached your danger zone.

There are some limitations to the technology. Like, what if your friends’ ice cubes are also in the red zone? But at least it’s a step up from regular old ice cubes, which do little more than water down your drink as the night progresses.