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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: “How To Avoid a DUI” Sparks Viral Fury

A lawyer specializing in DUI defense has created a video to help people avoid false arrest. But does it promote drunk driving?

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This video offering step-by-step instructions on avoiding a DUI arrest has been watched by over 2 million people in the last week. Many are outraged. All are now educated on a new and, um, interesting way to avoid a DUI—at least, in Florida.

The video was posted on New Year’s Day—one of the biggest days of the year for drunk driving (and DUI arrests)—by criminal defense attorney Warren Redlich, who claims his aim was to prevent false arrests. It shows a Florida driver preparing to enter a DUI checkpoint by putting his license and insurance in a plastic bag, along with a flyer that reads “I remain silent, no searches, I want my lawyer.” He then hangs the bag outside his car window with a string, with the window closed, because “the second that you open the window they can say they smell alcohol or drugs coming from the vehicle and the moment you speak a word they can claim that your speech is slurred.”

Why the all the outrage? People are arguing that the video is actually a how-to for situations in which you are indeed driving while drunk or high. And they say it promotes driving under the influence and should be taken down.

But Redlich, who runs Fair DUI and specializes in DUI and traffic defense, says the video is ”not designed for drunks, and I don’t think it really works for drunks because you have to follow instructions, and drunks aren’t good at that.”

But drunks are good at devising schemes to get away with being drunk. Watch and learn: