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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Learn to Cook Pot-Infused Italian Food From This 91-Year-Old Grandma

Meet California's lovable "Nonna Marijuana," the expert in cooking Italian food with a special ingredient: "nature's medicinal leaf."

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Meet “Nonna Marijuana,” a 91-year-old grandmother in California who cooks classic Italian food using medical marijuana grown by her daughter. Not that it’s a competition, but she kind of puts those Internet-famous weed-smoking grandmas to shame. In this video from Vice, the utterly charming Nonna takes us through the process of cooking a whole Italian meal using her special ingredient, which she calls “nature’s medicinal leaf.” She shows us her foolproof method for infusing cannabis into butter, then guides us through the preparation of her specialty: Chicken “Pot-cciatore” and gnocchi cooked in ganja butter.

Nonna, who calls herself a “very, very firm supporter of marijuana,” says it worked better than any other medication to help alleviate her daughter’s grand mal seizures. “I like to cook with medical marijuana because I feel that it helps those who have been ill and had to endure pain and I will use it if it helps anyone,” she says. Swoon!