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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: How Do People React When You Smoke Crack in Public?

A comedian takes his fake crack pipe to the streets of San Francisco to find out.

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In 2014, if you smoke cigarettes in public, you might get a few dirty looks. If you smoke a joint, you could be slapped with anything from a fine to a misdemeanor to a free pass from cops, depending where you live.

But what about crack? As far as drugs with a bad rap, crack cocaine is probably rivaled only by heroin or meth. So how would people react if they saw someone lighting up a crack pipe in a public place in broad daylight?

One curious comedian wanted to find out. So he fashioned a fake “pipe” out of a water bottle and gleefully “smoked” the hell out of it in the middle-of-the-day on in a heavily-populated area of San Francisco, while capturing the experiment on video (below). What happens may (or may not) surprise you. He catches a lot of weird looks, sparks some laughter and chatter and is the subject of a selfie. But though he’s asked to leave the steps of one building where a concert is taking place, and banned from a clothing store, a lot of people ignore him—including the cops.

Presumably, if he were smoking real crack, the video may have turned out differently. Or maybe San Francisco really is as progressive as everyone says.