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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: Marijuana-Laced Halloween Candy Is Probably Nothing to Get Spooked About

Are your neighbors really likely to hand out their pot edibles to your kids?

4 Substance

There are plenty of things to be worried about on Halloween: stocking up on enough candy, assembling the right costume, and (perhaps) avoiding being scared out of your wits. But is the possibility of someone giving your kids pot-laced candy something that really deserves your concern, or just a timely example of fear mongering?

In this video, Newsy talks to police in the weed-legal city of Denver about the alleged danger of kids accidentally taking candy sprayed with undetectable hibiscus hash oil. There have been rare cases of needles and razor blades being found inside sweets, but Forbes‘ Jacob Sullum, for one, doesn’t buy this so-called marijuana threat. Apart from the lack of evidence for it, he points out, “With marijuana edibles selling for much more than the regular candy you can get by the bagful at Walmart, it would be a pretty pricey prank.”

What do you think?