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Video: Mom Mad About Classroom Exercise in Which Students Pretend to Be Drug Addicts

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“What are they teaching our kids?” asked Lori Cameron, the mother of a student at Locust Grove High School outside Atlanta. She’s bent out of shape about an unconventional class on the subject of drug addiction: In a role-play exercise, the sociology teacher was the dealer, the students were the addicts, and the drug was called “ICEcube”—it was in fact a cube of ice. In order to drink the required glass of water, each student/addict had to figure out a way to access the hard-to-reach teacher/dealer to get the required ice cube/drug for the drink. Students were also told to come up with places to hide their stash from parents and teachers.

Lori Cameron, the mom, was furious when she learned of the exercise and took her complaint to the local media. “I feel that they are handing these children the tools of addiction. It’s nothing to play with. It’s nothing to simulate,” she said. The school district defended the exercise. “There was nothing about this project teaching a lesson on how to be deceitful or dishonest,” said a rep, “and there was definitely no advocating or condoning the use of illegal substances.”