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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Nancy Grace and 2Chainz Duel Over Pot Legalization

The rapper and the conservative TV icon are worthy adversaries in this fiery debate.

5 Substance

Last night, rapper 2 Chainz joined conservative TV host Nancy Grace to debate marijuana legalization, and things got heated. A vehemently anti-pot Grace emphasized the dangers of marijuana to children, while a pro-pot 2Chainz argued that you can’t blame marijuana for the behavior of “irresponsible people.” Then Grace chastised the rapper for being a role model to young people who was once seen on camera “smoking a big fat doobie.” 2Chainz, who held his own against her rapid fire questions, went on to state the benefits of legalization to society as a whole. Check out the full debate below.

The rapper also revealed that he personally uses weed to alleviate anxiety before performing “shows in front of 50, 60,000 people.” But even that sounds less anxiety-producing than a debate with Nancy Grace.