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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: Peru Is Latin America’s “New King” of Cocaine

Watch Peru's largest ever cocaine seizure go up in flames this new documentary about the country's thriving trade.

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Many people associate cocaine production with Colombia, which long dominated the potent white powder’s market. But a 2013 UN report indicated that Peru has overtaken its neighbor as the world’s biggest producer of coca, the raw material used to make cocaine. A new documentary from Vice illustrates how the drug has seeped into Peruvian culture, and how the government’s attempts to stem the trade are spreading unrest throughout the country.

In Part I of the documentary (below), VICE News correspondent Kaj Larsen takes you into the ungoverned territories where Peruvian coca is grown, and later watches Peruvian police incinerate the largest drug seizure in Peru’s history—weighing in at a whopping seven tons: