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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: “Saturday Night Live” Pokes Fun at NYC’s New Pot Policy

This skit depicting a city full of triumphant stoners who are "free at last!" is hilarious. And accurate?

6 Substance

This weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was all about that weed, on the heels of De Blasio’s big announcement last week that possession of 25 grams of pot will now be decriminalized in New York. The highlight of the episode was probably a skit (below) in which wide-eyed New Yorkers emerge from their brownstones clutching baggies of marijuana, embracing and gathering triumphantly in the streets as dramatic music plays. Celebrity host Woody Harrelson wins as a dreadlocked stoner who climbs up on a car with bong in hand to declares: “free at last!” before jumping into the crowd. This basically sums up everyone’s weekend, right?