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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: “Shroom Trip Opera” Is an Italian Aria About Your Worst Trip Ever

You might not want to do 'shrooms after (or while) watching this video.

6 Substance

This dramatic, animated music video depicts everything you don’t want your magic mushroom trip to be. Shroom Trip Opera began its life as an operatic aria (sung in Italian) by interdisciplinary artist Joseph Keckler, who was named “Best Downtown Performance Artist New York 2013″ by the Village Voice. It was then animated by Liam Lynch and stars Keckler himself, as a guy who eats too many chocolate-covered shrooms at a party and is then abandoned by his friends and left to navigate his ‘shroom-addled mind alone. Things start out pretty magical, but take a turn for the worse as he finds himself tormented by demons (spoiler alert: he learns that flossing while tripping is not a good idea). This video is about as effective as any anti-drug PSA out there (if you can call any PSA truly “effective“).