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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: “Southpark” Alcohol Ad Parody Nails It

This hilarious 25-second video is every alcohol advertisement you have ever seen. Remember to "drink responsibly!"

6 Substance

This brilliant piece of satire from a recent episode of Southpark is every alcohol advertisement you’ve ever seen, boiled down into 25 seconds. The ad begins: ”You [older, chisel-faced white guy], friends [models in bunny ears], fun, drink, hot girls, you’re hot, drink more, expensive cars…” It flashes a familiar montage of dramatically splashing drinks, sweaty bottles and high-end luxury that are a far cry from what a night of drinking looks like for most plebeians. Spoiler alert: After suggesting you shove your face full of booze, the ad reminds you of course to “drink responsibly.” Big Alcohol, you’ve been served.