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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Take a Look Inside Colorado’s Legal and Illegal Pot Markets

Not everyone wants to pay top dollar for fancy legal weed, so the black market thrives on.

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The legal pot industry is booming in Colorado, but it has hardly put the marijuana black market out of business. This PBS Newshour video takes a look at the two sides of the industry, first taking you inside one of the state’s biggest marijuana grow and retail facilities. CEOAndy Williams doesn’t even enjoy pot, but he’s in the biz for a different kind of green—and he’s raking it in. Since recreational weed became legal, his previously small, family-owned medical marijuana business has mushroomed. They’re now ramping up production in a huge factory and hiring dozens of new employees.

But old-school drug dealers, the kind whose businesses don’t include hawking marijuana-infused massage oils or filing for taxes, are also doing well. Meet 39-year-old John Doe (not his real name), who says it’s business as usual on the underground pot market. He calls himself one of many “Robin Hoods” who help supply pot to low-income communities who can’t afford the jacked-up legal prices. An ounce of pot on the black market can reportedly sell for as low as $180, whereas at Andy Williams’ store, it costs up to $240 an ounce.