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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: “The Bunk Police” Show People What’s Really in Their Baggies

This full-length documentary follows the harm reduction activists as they show festival goers which drugs they're actually using.

8 Substance

The Bunk Police are a harm reduction activist group who distribute drug testing kits at music festivals and other venues. The documentary What’s in My Baggie?, which can be seen in full below, follows them as they help festival goers find out what’s really in their drugs.

Needless to say, many drugs purchased on the streets are impure, or a different substance entirely to that advertised. For example, unregulated “designer” stimulants, like “Bath Salts,” are often sold as ecstasy or MDMA. And such substitutes can be harmful or even fatal. Bunk Police test kits work by dropping a small amount of fluid on a drug and determining its actual make-up with a color-coded guide.

The documentary also sheds some light on the group’s rocky journey to social acceptance. Despite their success, the group’s work has sparked controversy, being wrongly accused, like many harm reduction efforts, of promoting or encouraging drug use—sadly, they’ve been banned from many festivals.