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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: The Cutest Song Ever About Your Drinking Problem

Who says a song about an alcohol-induced shame spiral can't be adorable, funny, and catchy as hell!? Drinkers, enjoy: "The Drunk Song."

8 Substance

Got a drinking problem? Why not sing about it! British singer Zoe Anne captures the realities of regular, excessive booze consumption in ”The Drunk Song” (video below). It’s a cappella; it’s catchy; and it might be the most adorable song you’ve ever heard about an alcohol-induced shame spiral.

“You’re drinking again and you can’t remember when you were last sober and didn’t wake up hungover,” sings the 20-year-old. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who’s used alcohol beyond its recommended dosage (or just attended college). They detail struggles with beer pong: “You just keep on losing, for that reason you have to keep boozing.” And dating: “You’re far too smashed to attract any guys.” And all those times you think you’re Beyoncé on the dance floor—”but you’re a hot mess instead.”

Enjoy! And, if it rings a little too close to home, know there’s help out there.