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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: This Is How Easily You Can Vote to End Marijuana Prohibition

What TV show was that guy in? In the time it takes to figure it out, you could have voted "Yes" for Oregon's Measure 91.

8 Substance

A big day is coming up for Oregon (and also for Alaska and Washington, DC). Voters will next week be able to decide whether or not their state legalizes marijuana by passing Measure 91. Drug Policy Action, a related organization of the Drug Policy Alliance, has produced a video series giving some comedic actors the task of showing you just how fast and easily you can vote “Yes.” So whether or not you immediately realize which TV show Tate Donovan was in (hint: It starts with 2 and ends with 4), the amount of time it takes to remember is the same amount of time it takes to fill out and mail your ballot. Just remember that all votes for Measure 91 must be received by 8 pm on Tuesday, November 4.