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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: This Wristband Will Tell You How Drunk You Are

These booze-monitoring bracelets are meant to help you track your—and your friends'—drinking, to help reduce potential threats. Would people actually wear them?

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From a scale of "just a few drinks" to "completely wasted", this drunk tracking device may help prevent sexual assault. MTL Blog

From a scale of “just a few drinks” to “completely wasted”, this drunk tracking device may help prevent sexual assault. MTL Blog

Vive is a wristband developed by students from the University of Washington that will show you— and your friends!—how drunk you are by monitoring alcohol and dehydration levels. Designers say Vive could help reduce the likelihood of sexual assault and other potential harms related to heavy drinking.

The device works using a transdermal alcohol sensor which measures Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels through the skin (just like the bracelets DUI offenders are sometimes forced to wear). But this one can also monitor unusual changes in motion—like if you pass out. Judging from the video (below), the wristbands aren’t hideous and could almost pass as any other sort of beaded bracelet.

Vive also has social media-like capabilities, allowing users to connect with each other and check in on each other’s levels of drunkenness on a scale from “just a few drinks” to “completely wasted.” We’ve all been out with a friend who drinks too much and puts themselves in potentially dangerous situations (or been that friend), so this could be useful.

There are plenty of pros, as far as health and safety are concerned. But what about the cons? Well, for one, people would have to actually buy it and wear it. Would you?