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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Video: Vladimir Putin’s Joke About “Drunk” Journalist Falls Flat

A journalist who slurred his words during a televised press conference was a stroke survivor. Not drunk, as the Russian President joked. Ouch.

4 Substance

During his annual televised press conference earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin put his foot in his mouth when he joked that a journalist who had survived multiple strokes was drunk.

Journalist Vladimir Mamatov had asked Putin a “long-winded” question about bringing kvas—a mild alcoholic beverage—into supermarkets. Referring to his slurred speech, Putin quipped in response: “I see you’ve already partaken in your kvas.” Russian news sources later revealed that the journalist had previously suffered significant head trauma and two strokes, which explained his speech pattern.


The Russian Times also put their foot in it when they later tweeted about the incident, describing Mamatov as an “apparently drunk journalist.” They later deleted this message and tweeted: “Correction: Kirov journo who asked about NOT drunk – survived multiple strokes.”

It’s possible a few Russians are drowning their shame in kvas—or harder beverages—at this very moment. Video with English translation below, if you enjoy public humiliation (the incident occurs at two hours and four minutes):