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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

Video: Look How Easy It Is for Teenagers to Buy Alcohol

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In an undercover investigation by Today, two actors posing as teenagers were planted with hidden cameras in front of a liquor store in suburban New Jersey, where they asked several adults to buy them booze. And according to this experiment, women are more likely than men to buy teens alcohol.

The first few people the actors approached happened to be men, all of whom denied the requests for beer. “You look like babies,” one man quipped. Most of the women that the actors asked, however, agreed to the requests. “They looked old enough, but they just didn’t have ID,” explained one woman when the Today camera crew confronted her after a not-so-discreet hand-off.

Over 4,700 young people die each year due to alcohol poisoning or drunk driving, and adults often supply the booze.